Why are Wine Fridges so Expensive?

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In the current wine market, there are a variety of different selections for consumers to choose from. Whether you want an inexpensive bottle or a more expensive one, there is a refrigerator that will suit your needs. However, if you’re looking for something with a high quality and appearance but don’t want to spend too much money on it then this post may be helpful.

Wine Fridges so Expensive
Wine Fridges so Expensive

Why are wine fridges so expensive?

The best wine fridge offers you the convenience of keeping your wines at the perfect temperature to preserve their flavors and bouquet. A top-quality glass door refrigerator can be very pricey, but save you money in the long run by preserving the quality of your wines for drinking later instead of allowing them to age poorly or spoil during storage because they were kept at too warm a temperature.

A good built-in unit with added features will last ten years or longer even with daily use, so buying one may seem excessive, but it actually costs less than having to restock on spoiled wines over time. The average person only drinks 1% of their total collection each year, mostly because they’re not stored under optimal. For this reason it makes sense for a collector to have a wine fridge of their own.

A good built-in unit will cost around $2,000 and a stand alone unit with the same height and depth as an average refrigerator costs about $1,200.

With a little looking around you can find great deals on some very nice models. You should definitely give yourself time to shop before making your decision because it may take several days or more to determine what’s important to you in terms of cooling options, storage space and design elements. Once you’ve made your list it will be much easier to compare prices from different online retailers who specialize in discount appliances.

Always remember that if these seem like they’re out of your price range right now, but you think you may be considering a wine fridge in the future, you should wait to invest in your first unit now and use an ice chest or a friend’s refrigerator as a temporary storage solution until you can afford a better one.

You’ll learn why these appliances are so expensive with this helpful guide to choosing the right model for you!

Benefits of a Wine Fridge

The benefits of a wine fridge go beyond the aesthetic appeal. By using this appliance you ensure that your wines will be stored at the optimal temperature and humidity level, which is about 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% relative humidity (RH).

This means your bottles are less likely to spoil or develop off odors as they age. It also helps preserve their flavor profiles by slowing down oxidation.

Lastly, it protects them from light exposure ̶ both natural sunlight coming in through windows and artificial indoor lighting sources like fluorescent bulbs ̶ which can lead to browning of the wine’s color molecules over time.

How to choose the best wine fridges

There are many, many different options available when you search online for a wine fridge. These appliances come in all shapes and sizes, with the most expensive ones often being built-in units that will require installation by a professional.

Fortunately if you’re shopping for a stand alone unit these types of expenses won’t apply to you, however they do exist and it’s important that you understand why before making your purchase.

The most important factor to consider is the size of the refrigerator because this determines how much storage space it can offer. The smaller ones usually cost less than larger models but only hold about 14 bottles at a time which is usually enough room for someone who doesn’t drink more than one or two bottles at a time anyway.

Consider what you plan to use the appliance for and how much storage space you think you’ll need before deciding on a size because it’s very difficult to fit more bottles into a smaller fridge, but there’s no problem with stacking up cases of your favorite vintage in bigger models.

Another thing worth considering is the quality of the cooling system. Most glass door wine fridges will have an adjustable temperature control that ranges from about 40°F to 65°F. These coolers pull air over room temperature bottles, which means they can’t maintain certain temperatures once their doors are opened.

The last thing anyone needs is for their expensive Bordeaux collection to spoil because someone wasn’t careful when they popped open the door! The best appliances include an alarm that alerts you to a problem before too much damage is done.

These features build safety and security into the unit which protect both your wallet and your wine.

The best types of cooling systems pull cold air from the freezer section through the appliance rather than blowing room temperature air over bottles inside, which can affect their taste. This type of system costs more but if you plan on aging wines for many years it makes sense to not skimp where this is concerned.

If you have a large collection or simply enjoy having plenty of space in which to store your wine, a good built-in unit with unique temperature regulation is worth checking out. These types of appliances are usually installed in luxury homes so they come with high price tag attached, however prices are dropping rapidly as the technology becomes more popular.

No matter what type of unit you choose, always look for one that’s at least energy efficient with a low wattage rating because the less power your appliance uses, the less it will cost to run it on a daily basis. Fortunately there are many models available now that fall into this category and they come in almost any price range.

Conclusion about Wine Fridges so Expensive

The average wine fridge will cost you anywhere between $1000 to $10,000. This is because of the quality and features that are offered by these products – they’re designed for high-end homes or commercial spaces like restaurants where people may want a professional wine cellar with temperature control and other amenities.

For this reason, it’s worth looking at cheaper options if your needs don’t match up exactly with what these fridges offer.

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