Where to Put Wine Fridge/ Cellar?

Do you have a wine fridge and need to know Where to Put Wine Fridge? This blog post will provide helpful tips and tricks on how to find the perfect spot for your new appliance. Don’t forget about getting the right power cord as well!

Where to Put Wine Fridge
Where to Put Wine Fridge

There are many considerations when choosing where to put a wine refrigerator, such as climate control, traffic patterns, lack of moisture, and more. Read this article for some ideas on what factors you should take into account before making a decision.

Where to Put Wine Fridge?

Dry or Wet Bar.

Bars have a sink and plenty of space, no fridge necessary. A wet bar does not have a sink and/or a dishwasher installed but usually has a mini refrigerator for convenience. Many bars are only designed to serve one person at a time (i.e., small).

 If you want to put your wine in the bar anyway because you do not like the look of anything else, remember that once it is hidden away, there will be no easy way for anyone to know what is in it except when they try to open the door (which causes an automatic light to turn on) or press on the handle (which causes all usable compartments to deactivate). Either way, it will be obvious someone is using the bar.

If this is not a concern, feel free to buy what you want for your bar. The only exception would be if anyone who does not drink or would have access to booze is also allowed in your home (e.g., kids). Then you might consider putting wine somewhere else so that no one drinks/steals it by accident or without meaning too.

Dining Room.

Dining rooms are usually very formal even if they are part of an open floor plan (with kitchen and/or living room grouped together but clearly separated with no walls between them). They tend to have traditional setups with a lot of cabinets and places to store things. If there is a break between the living room/kitchen and the dining room, usually the flooring will change from carpet or tile to hardwood or other material that matches what you see in the rest of your house.

With all this said, it can be difficult to get a wine fridge into a dining room unless there is already an existing place to put it (like built-ins). The good news is most dining rooms are very long so there should be plenty of wall space for shelves if you think about where you will want to display your bottles when they come out of storage.

You may also choose not to use any shelves at all if having no visible bottles is preferable to you. Keep in mind that you will have to walk around the wine fridge and maneuver the bottles if they are not on shelves (so make sure there is room and access). If you want to be extra cautious (or do not like the look of a wine fridge), buy a cabinet .


The cellar goes along with basement but it refers only to where wine or other alcohol is stored (not necessarily all of it) while “basement” often implies anything underneath your house including storage, workrooms, etc. A typical cellar has thick walls and usually several separate rooms each with its own purpose and/or function (e.g., storage room, wine cellar, liquor cabinet).

 Your wine is likely in the basement if you do not have a cellar. This does not mean you cannot put it in your kitchen or some other part of your home too (e.g., office). There are even options like under stairs wine racks that can fit into basements with low ceilings (check out these oversized wine racks ). You will need to know how much space you have and what parts of the basement are available for storing bottles before you start buying anything.

If there is already enough space for an appliance like this, try looking for places where it would fit best (other than the obvious ones like next to/between cabinets or under counters). Wine needs to be kept at a certain temperature (e.g., 50 degrees Fahrenheit) and some areas of basements tend to stay consistently warmer than others (like under stairwells). You may consider this while choosing where to put the wine fridge in your basement.

Den or Entertainment Room.

Dens and entertainment rooms are not always one and the same but they do have two things in common: they tend to be more casual than most other rooms in homes, and both often contain big screen televisions, components that go with them (e.g., speakers), comfortable furniture, etc.

They also happen to be more likely than any other rooms in the house to be converted into man-caves (just look at any old sitcom). Wine fridges might not go together with other mansions of a den/entertainment room but they should fit nicely somewhere else.

If you already have a desk or work area set up for your computer, why not add a wine fridge next to it? You may even be able to buy one that will fit under existing counters and shelves . There are also cabinets specifically designed for storing wine glasses and barware if you want a matching setup.

Outdoor BBQ.

It can be difficult finding places to put appliances outdoors because you have to consider the possibility of rain, sand, heat, dirt, etc. Do not give up on finding a place for your appliance outside if it does not seem suitable at first because there are many options that will work even where you least expect them to.

You might have an outdoor barbecue which is just as much a cooking area as indoors but often has no counterspace at all (therefore no room for wine). If this sounds familiar, try looking into cabinet inserts or cabinets designed specifically for grilling .

Tasting Room.

Your tasting room can be anything from one small table set off in a corner somewhere to an entire room that you dedicate to wine, just like the cellar. The wines are not expected to stay in this room for long but it should be where you can store them while they are aging (i.e., getting ready to be consumed).

If you do not have space or time for this, there is nothing wrong with putting your wines in the regular cellar. However, if your budget allows and/or you want to give yourself more options than storing them in basement corners where no one will see them, try looking into outdoor bars which often include storage .


A garage does not have to be a place use exclusively for parking cars either. It is a universal space where you can store pretty much anything you want, including your wine. If you have already used up all the possible space for cars, consider building cabinets or buying storage racks/shelves to use instead .

If your garage does not have any windows, it makes sense to look into LED lighting options since they are known for saving energy and lasting much longer than other types of lights. You also might need some type of lubricant if appliances that require oil start having difficulty opening doors.


The location of your wine fridge can make a huge difference in how you enjoy it. Wine should be stored at the appropriate temperature for its type and region, so if you want to get more bang for your buck, consider these factors when deciding Where to Put Wine Fridge.

We hope this article has helped!

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